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Started in the mid-1990’s, SFN was a way for women in the area to socialize and make friends. After the influx of Gateway executives, many women found themselves uprooted and planted in a new community without many friends or knowledge of the area. SFN allowed these women a chance to explore their new suarroundings with other women.

This is such an easy habit to start. This simple step prevents lively children (and adults) from coming in contact with a handle sticking out from the stove and spilling its scalding contents. Even though my kids are grown, I still point handles to the back or center of the stove. Just so I won’t accidentally burn myself!

Our household would fall apart without everyone pitching in. When we all do our part, the work gets done quickly and without confusion over whose job it is. By completing the chore lists early in the day, we are free to work on schoolwork and other things during the day. We can take a trip to the library in the afternoon, or we can bake cookies. We can go on a hike or play outdoors. With the work not hanging over our heads, we can have fun time together as a family.

Fold up table – we have found this to be a crucial part of our camping. We use it for meal prep recipes, holding other camping equipment, place to gather at meal time and can place items off the ground at night on it.

Use a substantial amount of salt in the water when you are cooking pasta. The salt will hold better while cooking because it is absorbed by the pasta along with the water. Adding salt after the pasta is cooked will cause the flavor to not be absorbed as well.

Building Materials for Work Projects – Some mission organizations provide building materials as part of their fees, others do not. Be sure to check this out as it could be a huge factor affecting your total costs. For many teams, helping out with building is a major part of their trip and experience. It also helps those you go to serve as well.

If Mom really loves to read then a gift card to Barnes and Noble may be just what she needs this Mother’s day. Another choice would be a Books a million gift card. Both of these gift cards can be purchased in store or online. A Barnes and Noble gift card not only buys books but DVDS, Music C.D.s, or other things such as journals on their website.

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