Quick And Easy Meal Prep Ideas

Create a weekly schedule for meals, e.g. Monday might be pasta night, Tuesday – chicken, Wednesday – fish, etc. Look up some menu ideas to get you started.

Lettuce in a bag: Wash a colorful lettuce like Boston lettuce that has red tips and tear into bite size pieces and store in Tupperware container. This base for salad can come in handy when all you have to do is add some meat and pre-shredded veggies. Warning: lettuce stored like this only lasts for about three days at a time, so don’t plan on storing it a week!

Put a sign Up Sheet In The Lobby of your Church – Put out a nice, attractive, sign-up sheet in a well-known spot and encourage people to sign up if they’re interested in going. Your first step is to throw wide the net and gather all who have any interest.

If you’ll be having 8 or fewer guests that aren’t partial to dark meat, cooking a turkey breast in a slow cooker is a great option. It’s delicious when seasoned with dry soup mix, there’s almost no tending involved, it makes its own gravy, it’s a snap to carve, and there’s very little clean up. A slow cooker is also great for pork loin (seasoned with cranberry sauce) and pot roast. If you’re not convinced test one on your family a couple weeks ahead of time-you’ll see.

The kids love trying new meals and now they will say, “Mom, this is a keeper” or “you can write family favorite next to this one.” Now, years later, my husband would tell you that I am a good cook.

One of the most important things you can do to help you accomplish all that is on your list is to create a timetable. This is your time management plan. You may want to work in hour increments, half hour increments or even 15 minute increments. Using your datebook, or a plain piece of paper, write out your start and ending time for your day. Begin with what time you are going to get up, and end with what time your head is going to hit your pillow. Write in everything you are going to do that day, from showering, to family time, meal prep recipes, house cleaning, and the items on your work to do list for your business.

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