Eating Healthy Comes With A Price

On Sunday night, or whenever you get ten minutes or so, plan a work week meal plan. Try to make something for dinner that will make good leftovers for lunch. Plan for more time spent on a meal when you get off work early, and a really quick dinner when you get home late. Planning is great for eating more healthy food, not having to hit up the food court, and fitness programs with specific goals.

Target, Wal-Mart, Fred Meyers, and K-Mart are great places to purchase a gift card for your Mom this Mother’s Day. All of these stores usually have better deals and lower prices than the stores you find in the mall which means Mom can get more for her money, or gift card. These gift cards can often be used online as well if Mom prefers to shop from home.

2-Even though I have an automatic ice maker, I keep ice cube trays on hand. I freeze leftover gravy, and broth in them and then place in a freezer bag and label and freeze. Then when you need some for a dish, just pop out what you need. I have even done this with leftover coffee to reheat on another day.

So how does the crock pot make life easier? Not rocket science folks. I don’t even spend time planning out a month’s worth of meals. As long as I have a good supply and variety of meats and other staples in my kitchen, along with some simple crock pot recipes that my family will actually eat, I’m set. Getting it all started in the morning takes anywhere from five to ten minutes. While I’m making coffee and listening to my little ones enjoy yet again another episode of ‘Dora’, I plop the ingredients into the pot, and after putting the lid on and setting the button on low, I’m done. There’s nothing more to think about, and my house smells fantastic all day long.

The first answer is to have a plan of attack each week of what you would do and what you want to accomplish. Create a calendar that details the scheduled appointments and play days. Also add what projects and activities you want to complete. You can also reference your meal plan to keep you aware of your meals and how much time is needed for meal prep recipes.

In a medium bowl mix together canned frosting and peanut butter until well mixed. Sparingly add enough milk as needed for spread-ability of frosting on your cake.

When it comes to Father’s Day you probably think of stores such as Best Buy and Circuit City as the best places to buy Dad a gift. What about Mom? This Mother’s day give your Mom a gift card for Best buy or Circuit City which she can use to purchase all of her high tech wants and needs. I know I would love a gift card to either store this Mother’s Day to buy an IPod or software for my computer.

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