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Kitchen Organizers That Make Mealtime A Cinch

Don’t forget to schedule time to be with friends and loved ones as well. Be specific about how you intend to spend your time, and be comprehensive so that nothing gets left out.

If you’re like me and find it nearly impossible to make a healthy, tasty dinner on a work night, check out Dinner by Design. If there isn’t a location near you, I noticed Dinner by Design is not the only meal prep business in the Chicago area. There is also Dream Dinners with locations in Naperville and Chicago, and Simply Homemade in Naperville, Crystal Lake, Mendota and Schaumburg.

A reusable shopping bag. We have a small canvas tote hanging on a hook by our refrigerator along with cooking aprons. It reminds us to avoid using plastic bags at the grocery store and we can easily go out and shop for the coming meal plus a few added items we might need. This is a visual reminder for us to be more eco minded, marketing for fresh local produce, grass-fed beef, and other items from local shops and farmers markets. We don’t buy too much and risk spoilage.

Group Tee-Shirts – If you would like, you can design your own tee-shirts for your mission trip. This can be very valuable and act as a great keepsake and reminder of God’s work in each person’s life.

Fold up table – we have found this to be a crucial part of our camping. We use it for meal prep recipes, holding other camping equipment, place to gather at meal time and can place items off the ground at night on it.

What Mom wouldn’t love to get away to a spa and relax? This Mother’s Day you can give your Mom the gift of a day at the spa by purchasing a Spa Finder gift card, found here. Mom will have the option to choose which spa and which treatments she desires. This great Mother’s Day gift card idea has been seen in Walgreen stores as well.

Make a master list of everything you’ll need from the grocery store then split it into 2 lists: the items that you can buy well in advance and fresh items that you have to buy at the last minute. You probably won’t have more than 10 items on the 2nd list. This means that when the store is packed just before the holiday, you can actually get in the express line—a potentially huge time saver.

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