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Winter Preparation Tips For Your Home

Freeze some — but not all — of your produce. If you find a great buy on some produce — think low-water, starchy veggies like corn and potatoes — you can indeed freeze them and extend their shelf life up to 6 to 8 months. But think twice about freezing high-water fruits like watermelon, lettuce, cucumber, or cabbage, since they’ll just turn mushy.

Cook on a weekend for the several weeks. If you are making food the family adores, then you should generate enough for a couple of weeks. It isn’t really too difficult to make 2 lasagnas as well. Basically double what you’re making and then freeze a few.

Don’t prepare fruit or veggies until you’re ready to eat or cook. Pre-slicing or even separating fruits and veggies from their stems can accelerate the spoilage process dramatically. Keep your produce in as close to whole form as possible, leaves, stems, and all, until you’re ready to start your meal prep recipes.

Set Up your Meeting Schedule for Group Preparation & Training – You will normally need a minimum of about 6-8 meetings to allow adequate time for Vacation Bible School and ministry prep. Don’t forget your spiritual prep which is the most important of all.

At around six years old, another thing had begun to happen. Though my mother was not physically abusive with me outside of the occasional swat on the ass, in second grade I started getting beatings in school by a twisted nun, who, as it turned out, was only the first of many twisted nuns to follow.

Use your crock pot if you own one and look up some easy crock pot recipes. Keep staple ingredients on hand so that you can easily make a crock pot meal (or any meal, for that matter), with very little planning.

If it spoils fast, eat it first. Some fruits and veggies simply won’t stick around that long, so you should make plans to eat them within the first day or two after purchase. If you’re buying fresh avocado, corn, green beans, or strawberries, for example, know that you should make plans to use them within three days. Apples, carrots, and celery, on the other hand, can last well past a week.

Although Mr. Pasternak disagrees, I think that the 5-Factor Diet is similar to the South Beach Diet (see my article entitled, “South Beach Diet: Not a day at the Beach, but Worth It” ) with the exception of the South Beach’s first two stringent weeks. These two programs, as well as several others, truly are based upon what appear to be sound scientific principles, for the most part. Science is sure important, but so is math. The mathematical equation of calories in and calories out is the driving force behind any so-called diet, no matter its foundation.

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