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Easy Steps To Better Family Nutrition

2-Even though I have an automatic ice maker, I keep ice cube trays on hand. I freeze leftover gravy, and broth in them and then place in a freezer bag and label and freeze. Then when you need some for a dish, just pop out what you need. I have even done this with leftover coffee to reheat on another day.

At around six years old, another thing had begun to happen. Though my mother was not physically abusive with me outside of the occasional swat on the ass, in second grade I started getting beatings in school by a twisted nun, who, as it turned out, was only the first of many twisted nuns to follow.

Look for hidden sodium. Even if a product doesn’t taste salty it may be packed with it. The sugar in ice cream or milk shakes may mask the amount of sodium inside.

Why then, do the ‘moms-who-work’ choose to neglect the one piece of equipment capable of solving a multitude of meal-planning/creation problems with just the flip of a button? After a brief survey, I have concluded that their error in meal prep recipes judgment stems from merely a lack of information. Even in the twenty-first century, a large number of intelligent mothers still think that the lowly crock pot stashed away in their attics is useful only on occasions calling for ‘meatball appetizers’ or baked beans to take to ‘Aunt Shirley’s’ house on Labor Day. What? How can this be? Naturally this information gave way to many shouts of ‘oh, no’ and ‘my goodness’ from the ‘moms-who-stay-home’ but yet use their slow cookers religiously.

Before you begin to cook, your utensils should be clean. If there is any food left on the dish after you wash it, it could contaminate the next dish you use it in. This could lead to problems from bacteria being spread.

Ziploc freezer bags are an indispensable part of a smart camp cook’s supplies. They pay tribute to this product every time they pack the food for a weekend of outdoor camping. “Never take a box or can when a Ziploc will do!” is a motto a smart camp cook lives by. Your cooking supplies should include three types of Ziplocs: one box of sandwich bags, and one each of gallon and quart size freezer bags. Not only will they save weight and space, they will also reduce the amount of trash you have to carry back out of camp.

7-I try to have at least one night a week as a vegetarian meal. If it were up to me, I would eat vegetarian almost every night but my kids like meat. So we do the vegetarian thing one night a week. I have found some kid friendly veggie recipes over the years that they like. It’s healthier for all of us, and cheaper too.

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