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Quick And Easy Meal Prep Ideas

Our 1940s white and red metal hutch. Three shelves hold cookbooks, china, and crystal behind glass doors. The base has a slide-out top that’s great for serving meals, and below are four small drawers which hold everything from junk to plastic garbage bags. The bottom features a large storage section for paper products and laundry items.

White subway tile backsplashes. We added old-fashioned tile behind the sink, counter prep area, and oven and it’s been both a great look and a boon to cleaning. Splatters wipe off easily.

This is such an easy habit to start. This simple step prevents lively children (and adults) from coming in contact with a handle sticking out from the stove and spilling its scalding contents. Even though my kids are grown, I still point handles to the back or center of the stove. Just so I won’t accidentally burn myself!

The host home should have multiple sets of measuring cups & spoons, sharp knives, strainer, a few cutting boards, electric can opener, cooking spray and a sharpie marker. Have recycle bins and/or garbage cans ready to accommodate multiple cans and boxes.

Freeze some — but not all — of your produce. If you find a great buy on some produce — think low-water, starchy veggies like corn and potatoes — you can indeed freeze them and extend their shelf life up to 6 to 8 months. But think twice about freezing high-water fruits like watermelon, lettuce, cucumber, or cabbage, since they’ll just turn mushy.

As a working Mom sometimes I do not arrive home from work until 6:30. On those nights I will either throw a meal in the slow cooker before I leave for work or leave directions for the babysitter to put the casserole or meatloaf in the oven at 5:00. Then when my husband arrives home at 6:00, dinner is hot, ready and the house smells delicious.

You can learn a lot about another person when you cook together. Crack open a cookbook, choose a couple of recipes and get cooking! If your biggest accomplishment in the kitchen is boiling water, perhaps your date will teach you a few meal prep recipes skills. At the very least, offer to chop veggies or clean the dishes.

As you’ve most likely seen on food cooking shows, preparing your produce after you’ve brought it home could save you time during the week, and keep your fruit and vegetables crisp longer. How often have you thrown away produce simply because you didn’t maintain it appropriately inside the refrigerator? This tip too, could help you save some bucks.

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