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If you find your day is getting away from you and you aren’t getting to everything you’ve scheduled, try spending a few days tracking what you are doing. Every 15 minutes, stop and write down how you are spending your time.

Cabin rentals with heat and electric are available for guests to warm up and relax after a full day of outdoor activities. A stove and refrigerator meal prep recipes more like home, but die-hard campers can use the fire pit if preferred.

Put a sign Up Sheet In The Lobby of your Church – Put out a nice, attractive, sign-up sheet in a well-known spot and encourage people to sign up if they’re interested in going. Your first step is to throw wide the net and gather all who have any interest.

So how do you avoid common kitchen hazards, especially for children? As valuable as tactile experiences are for appreciation of nutritious foods, when children are helping you in the kitchen, it takes only one unguarded moment for an accident to occur. Injuries and potential food poisoning are less likely if you adhere to the following sage advice.

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